Our experience has revealed a number of questions and answers, which are of interest in the preliminary stages and which help you to make the right decisions. A sort of guidance manual. Of course we make no claim to have thought of everything. The answers should also not be thought of as "catch-all answers"; depending on the situation and individual needs other answers may be the right ones for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice.

In Mellau there are two sports shops and in Bezau there is one sports shop. We have very good relations with all of them, but there are no special conditions for ski course members. The addresses of the ski rental shops are available on our home page under Partners.

This is possible as a matter of course, we would simply request you to notify the office of this, so that we can change the course booking!

In general grouping is done on Sunday and Monday. However, it is also possible for advanced skiers to join an existing group during the week!

Basically, this is of course possible, however we request you to make you request for this instructor option as early as possible by telephone or by e-mail. However, in the case of group courses we cannot guarantee that we can fulfil your wish!

Basically, as early as possible! However, we would ask you to book at least one day in advance, since this gives us all the options for allocating instructors. If you do not reserve one day in advance, for any reason whatsoever, we can book only instructors with free schedules! You can also reserve by telephone, by e-mail or online!

Yes, of course this is possible for beginners. Because of the merger between the Mellau and Damüls ski regions our courses for advanced skiers can only be purchased with lunch care. 1 token (meal + drink and supervision) cots 12,00 €. 

From three years.
We offer a half-day course for three year olds (the Bambini course).
For all other children we offer a whole-day course.
For snowboard courses, however, we recommend a minimum age of 9 years.

The difference is that the Bambini course is only for children from 3 years. Course times from 10 am to 12 pm.
The Taster course is for children of between 4 and 5 years of age. Course times from 10 am to 12 pm and from 1pm to 3 pm.
In the case of extension, this course card is deducted from the multiple days card.

Because of the size of the skiing area this is not possible, unfortunately. And experience has shown us that half-day courses do not offer anything like the same success in learning as whole-day courses!

Half-day courses are available only for the Bambinis, private lessons and for cross-country skiing tuition.

No, we have only local instructors. But some ski instructors speak and understand a little Dutch. We have many Dutch guests and there are never any problems.

Basically we recommend that you book group courses in advance via our Online Shop. This saves you time and your place in the Ski School is guaranteed. You can, however, book the course on the day before course start in the Ski School Office. Or you can book in advance by e-mail and by telephone.

The course days should be consecutive, because the other participants continue with the programme and learn something new every day. This could result in having to change the group. The best thing is to speak to your instructor.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC-Card and cash.

Basically, one day is also possible. However, we recommend that beginners take at least three to five days, in order to master certain basic skills.

No. The ski passes must be purchased separately from the ticket office of the Mellau cable cars.

Yes, children beginners need a ski pass too. Children from 3-6 years may however not need a ski pass for the first 1-2 days since they will ski on the magic carpet. Children born up to the year 2017 will receive the Snowman ticket for 6,00 €. You can get information in the Ski School Office or from our ski instructors.

Yes, but on the first day only for the practice lift in the valley. The extra days can be discussed with the instructor, at the resort, or in the Ski School Office.

We offer half-day courses for the Bambini course (courses for children from 3 years), for the cross-country skiing courses and for private lessons. All other (group) courses last 4 hours (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon). 

Grouping of children is mainly based on the skiing skills and the age of children.

If your children or your friend's children are at the same skill level, please inform the technical manager during the grouping phase on the first day, and we will try our best to put them into the same group. 

If the children are not at the same skill level, the child who skis better would have to join a lower skill group to meet the requirements of the weaker child. 

Our programme for group courses builds up throughout a week with ski race and prize awarding on Thursday. It therefore makes sense to participate in the course for the entire (5) 6 days. It is however also possible to participate fewer days. 

Yes. The first 3 days will be charged. You therefore only pay the difference of the remaining course days. From the 3rd day, every additional day costs 35,00 €. It therefore makes sense to book 4 or 5 days from the beginning.

Yes, the collection points for beginners and advanced skiers are the same. However, if a child is a beginner and the adult is an advanced skier, the child may be left at the Ski School office 15 minutes before course start and will be supervised also after the course, until the parents arrive.

Group allocation occurs after oral discussions and estimation of skills, age and language. If the assigned group should not seem to be appropriate, you can of course change the group any time.

In general, money is only refunded upon presentation of a doctor's certificate (illness, injury). We have however several offers (trial pass, extension day, ...) in order to reduce the "risk" as much as possible!

Should there be a problem anyway, we can recalculate or rebook everything in the Ski School!

The final race always takes place on Thursday. Between Christmas and 5 January, the day may however vary. Information at the Ski School Office.