Skischule Mellau GmbH & Co KG
David Simma
Hinterbündt 380, 6881 Mellau
tel: 05518 200 11
mobile: (0664) 34 28 979 or
             (0664) 39 46 253
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Opening times Winter 2019/2020
6 December 2019 - 13 April 2020 daily
(assuming appropriate snow conditions)

FAQ – frequently asked questions

We know from experience that there are a number of questions that are of interest before you book your holiday to make it easier for you to make the right decision. And so we have compiled a little guide. The list of questions is of course not exhaustive, and the answers should not be understood as one-fits-all – depending on the situation and individual requirements, a different answer might have been given. We are happy to talk to you in person.

General questions

Where is the office of the ski and snowboarding school Mellau?

Our office is located by the valley station of the Mellau mountain railways, in the station itself.

Is the ski pass included in the price for the ski course?

Ski passes must be purchased separately at the cashier’s desk at Mellau mountain railways. They are not included in the price.

Do beginners need a ski pass?

Yes. For more information, please contact the ski school office or send a request.

Does the ski school also hire out skis or do you work together with a sports shop?

We closely collaborate with 4 sports shops in the Mellau, Bezau, Bizau region. The sports shops Sport Natter, Sport Broger, Sport Leitner and Sport Bertsch are our partners. Ski equipment is not included in the course price. For information on ski hire prices, please click the link partner businesses on our website.

Does the ski school office take credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC card and cash.

Do your ski instructors speak foreign languages?

Yes. Our ski instructors speak English, French and Dutch. Please tell us about your wishes regarding instructor and language when we assign you to a group.
We will try our best but cannot make any promises.

Do you offer vouchers?

We are happy to send you an individual voucher for children's, private or crosscountry skiing courses - or whatever you may require.

Questions about children’s courses

From what age can children take part in a ski course?

From the age of 4.
For children aged 3 to 4 years, we recommend the Introductory ticket. If you extend the course, the costs for the ticket will be deducted from the multi-day pass.
For all other children, we recommend an all-day ski course. We do not recommend that you book half days because the majority of children attend full-day courses.
"Half-day children” will not be able to keep up with the “full-day children” and may have to be reassigned to a different course.
For snowboarding courses, we recommend a minimum age of 8.

Where is Brumi's Kinderland?

The Kinderland is situated directly by the valley station of Mellau mountain railways, in the valley.
This is also where you find the meeting place for all beginners (children’s, adult and snowboarding courses).
The meeting place for advanced students is in the ski region (Rosstelle platter lift). We meet at 10am and 1pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to the first meeting.

Can our children join the same group?

Our ski school assigns children to groups primarily according to skill level and age.
 If your children or several friends are roughly on the same skill level, please let the person who organizes the groups know on the first day and will be do our best!
If the children have different skill levels, the child with the greater skill level should join the weaker one.

Do you have to book a 5-day course for children?

Our program for groups of children is based on one-week attendance that includes ski races and a great prize award ceremony on Thursday.
It therefore makes sense to attend the full 5-day course. Children may of course attend fewer days if you like!

Will the children be supervised at lunchtime?

Yes, your children will be well-looked after during their lunch break. We charge 10 euros per day (including food and drink), which is not included in the price for the ski course.

Questions about private courses

How early do I have to book a private ski instructor?

The sooner, the better! Please make your booking at least one day in advance to allow us to make the necessary arrangements. If it is not possible to book in advance, we will assign ski instructors
ourselves. You can make the booking over the phone or per e-mail.

When do the courses for adults start?

Beginners start on Sundays (or Monday on request), the courses for advanced adults start on Mondays. There is a minimum of 3 participants to start a course.